Sushi is Not Raw Fish
Written by Alissa Dana   
Shogun • Japanese Restaurant | Sushi is Not Raw Fish |     From across the room, he is immediately drawn to a table of eight diners. Their laughter and spirited conversation spark his curiosity. As plates of delicious works of art are carried to them, he moves forward in his chair. Their eyes widen as each plate is gently placed before them. Before long, they practically fall over each other to try some of their friends’ selections. He wishes their table sat nine.
     He inquired as to what food could possibly cause such excitement, and his waitress responded, “sushi.”
     “Oh, never mind then. I don’t like raw fish.”
     Like so many people, he’s chosen to deprive himself of experiencing some of the most tantalizing food there is because of a misconception. What these “quick to dismiss” diners don’t realize is that many items on a typical sushi menu include entirely cooked food. You see, sushi refers to the rice. Su means vinegar, and shi is derived from the Japanese word for rice, meshi. (Su + Shi = Shushi).