About Us
Established in 2009 by master cuisine craftsman Lin, Shogun is the realization of the American dream. In China, Lin left his native land, as well as his wife and children to make a successful life in NEPA for his family.

In his former position of head sushi chef of another Wilkes-Brre Japanese restaurant, Lin's exquisite and delectible sushi and sashimi offerings attracted quite a following. His outgoing, genuine, and endearing personality drew many new friends to him. Lin, the "hardest working man in sush", was reunited with his family in Wilkes-Barre. Together, this husband-and-wife team runs Shogun in the Woodlands and Pearl restaurant in the Mohegan Sun.

Shogun features the area's most talented sushi chefs, who preside over a comfortable and interactive sushi bar. Its skilled hibachi chefs create made-to-order entrees s they entertain customers - young and old.

Shogun also offers a relaxing dining area where patrons enjoy cuisine and conversaation while overlooking a spectacular babbling brook and foilage that changes with each season.

A full bar is offered, with expert "mixologists" pouring today's most popular drinks as well as authentic Japanese sake (rice wine).

NEPA attracts big-name musical artists, and they are attracted to Shogun. Recently, Chris Daughtry and Don McLean ("American Pie") indulged in Shogun's tempting delicacies and Lin's infectious smile.